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Masata Nissan & Toyota Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug - M12x1.25

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Introducing the Masata Magnetic Sump Plug for Nissan & Toyota cars with the M12x1.25 thread, the ultimate solution for protecting your engine from harmful debris and metal shavings. This product is designed to fit seamlessly into your oil pan and act as a reliable filter for your engine oil.

Made with high-quality aluminium and annosided in black, the Magnetic Sump Plug features a powerful magnet that attracts and holds onto ferrous metal particles suspended in your engine oil. This helps to prevent harmful debris from circulating through your engine and causing damage, which can ultimately extend the life of your engine and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Our Magnetic Sump Plug is also incredibly easy to install. Simply remove your existing oil pan plug and replace it with the Magnetic Sump Plug, and you're good to go.

Invest in the protection of your engine with our Magnetic Sump Plug, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is operating at its best.

This will fit all Nissan & Toyota engines that use the M12x1.25 thread for a sump plug.

  • Made with high quality grade aluminium
  • Powerful magnet 
  • OE 1112801M05 - Nissan 
    OE 111289C60A - Nissan
    OE 111289C600 - Nissan
    OE 11128BX000 - Nissan
    OE 11128BX00A - Nissan
  • OE 9034112012 - Toyota
    OE 9034112026 - Toyota 
    OE 9034112023 - Toyota

MST9000 (M12 x 1.25)

Coming Soon!