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Masata Audi 8V 8Y Performance Lowering Springs (A3, S3 & RS3)

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Presenting the Masata Performance Lowering Springs for the Audi A3, S3 & RS3 models. The Masata Lowering Spring Kit delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to elevating dynamics and refining looks, at the same time providing a sporty appearance and improves overall handling without sacrificing ride comfortability. Achieve the ultimate balance of performance, looks and ride quality all with the Masata Lowering Spring Kit.

Masata Lowering Springs are carefully and independently crafted and developed by using nothing but only the best quality materials to maintain and enhance the ride quality on the road. Hitting the corners will never be the same again with this Masata lowering springs equipped.

Whether it is a joyride, or a drag race, shine on with the Masata lowering springs with the drop of 20mm on the front and 10mm on the rear, depending on the models. How low can you go? Find out by getting one of these yourselves now, finished in Masata's Obsidian Black to provide a more stealthy appearance.

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  • Provides an aggressive look without sacrificing comfort
  • Improves overall handling
  • Without levelling control
  • Springs are powder coated in Masata's Obsidian black


  • Lower front by 20mm and rear by 10mm on 8V A3
  • Lower front by 10-20mm and rear by 10mm on 8V S3
  • Lower front by 10-20mm and rear by 10mm on 8V RS3
  • Lower front by 25mm and rear by 25mm on 8Y RS3

Axle Load

  • Front axle load: 1100 kg
  • Rear axle load: 1085 kg
  • Audi A3 8V/8V.5 (2012+)
  • Audi S3 8V/8V.5 (2012+)
  • Audi RS3 8V/8V.5 (2012+)
  • Audi RS3 8Y (2020+)

Compatible with the Saloon, Sportback, Limousine and Convertible versions. 


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