Masata BMW N55 Lambda Spacer Fooler O2 Oxygen Sensor Boss Stainless Steel (M2, M135i, M235i, 335i & 435i)

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The N55 spacer is designed to move the lambda sensor after the catalytic converter away from the flow of exhaust gases when a car has a sports cat or Decat to keep the engine light off.

It can also be used in some applications to move the lambda sensor away if it’s touching something and the space is there to fit and use this.

  • Height when fitted: 45mm
  • Total height without fitting: 50mm
  • Length: 45mm
  • M18 x 1.5mm thread

We cannot guarantee this will work on every vehicle as each one can be completely different.

  • BMW N55 2012+ F20/F21 M135i/iX
  • BMW N55 2013+ F22 M235i
  • BMW N55 2016+ F87 M2
  • BMW N55 2012+ F30 335i/iX Sedan
  • BMW N55 2012+ F31 335i/iX Touring
  • BMW N55 2013+ F34 335i/iX Gran Turismo
  • BMW N55 2014+ F32 435i/iX
  • BMW N55 2014+ F33 435i/iX Conv.
  • BMW N55 2014+ F36 435i/iX Gran Coupe


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Customer Reviews

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Quick and easy solution to CEL issue

Wanted a quick and easy solution for the engine light after installing the catless downpipe and the Masata team recommended trying the lambda spacer fooler. Very happy with the results. Would recommend giving it a try

removes CEL without tuning on M135i

Got the decat on my car and wanted to code out the CEL without tuning. Fitted the lambda spacer fooler and got this solved, thanks guys.