Team Masata - Sept 7th 2021

The Masata N55 Charge Pipe - Promising A Refined Driving Experience

A N55 powered BMW, where the charge pipe is absolutely essential
Credits: @coldboar.m4 from Instagram

MASATA brings you a driving experience you will never forget! The MASATA charge pipe upgrade for the N55 engine is engineered to assure long-term performance as it is built using superior aircraft quality Aluminium. To combat charge pipe failure, the upgraded charge pipe minimises the pressure loss of turbo-charged air. Instead of restricting airflow, it maximises it, hence improving the performance of the turbocharged N55 engine.

What does a charge pipe do? 

In this modern era, most people are keen on purchasing luxury cars to have a better travel experience. What they often don’t realise are the car’s technicalities! The charge pipe is by far one of the most important part of a vehicle. To improve dependability and efficiency, it’s wise to upgrade the charge pipe.

Fitted Masata charge pipes
Credits: @project540ix from Instagram

Here’s how the charge pipe works. Your car generates a prodigious amount of heat in the engine while you are driving it and a turbocharged engine’s worst foe is heat. The intercooler cools the heated turbo gases before entering the intake. Normally, air travels from the turbo to the intercooler, then to the chargepipe and eventually the engine’s intake valve. As a result, the charge pipe essentially transports or channels the turbocharged air to the engine. Any restriction or damage to the charge pipe will cause a loss in performance.

Do I Need An Upgraded Charge Pipe?

Unfortunately, the OEM charge pipe is made of plastic and over time becomes fragile and progressively brittle; unable to withstand the heat generated by the engine. Given the fact that they are channeling hot air, they may fracture or explode when tuned, resulting in a significant power loss due to their poor material structure.

Besides, the increased boost from modified engines exerts additional strain on the plastic, which is unable to cope with the forces and can often lead to premature failure. Another consideration is that plastic tends to bend, hence, when boost is applied, the plastic bulges out causing the air to temporarily slow down; reducing engine responsiveness. The MASATA chargepipe, on the other hand, ensures the charged air is being pumped into the engine quicker; and with a smoother flow design improves performance. As we all know, aluminium is less susceptible to the environment and as a result of its enhanced strength, it provides a durable product. In essence, factory-installed charge pipes are not able to boost engine efficiency.  

If you want to be doing this, you'll need both skills and guess what? A Masata charge pipe!
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Most automobile owners who own cars with turbocharged N55 engines upgrade their equipment to higher-quality aftermarket charge pipes. While some car owners wait for it to burn up before upgrading their vehicle. This isn’t a case of the “if ain’t broken, don’t fix it. WHEN is the question. What happens if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere? It’s best not to put it off when you can replace it immediately with a more substantial component right away, not just for your peace of mind but it will also save you a great deal of time, stress and money!

Masata BMW N55 F87 M2 Aluminium Chargepipe